Scrumptious Dumplings Recipe Contest

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Author: supperbox
Date: 4-13-11
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Dumplings. Potstickers, jiaozi, mandu, gyoza … a dumpling comes in many shapes and sizes, goes by many a name, but they’ve all got one thing in common in my book: one day I will eat them all. 

Ahem. In celebration of the humble dumpling, we are having a Scrumptious Dumplings Recipe Contest! We want your best, tastiest dumpling recipe and we want it now.


Congrats to our winners!

 XILIU                                  JOYCE

  • How to Enter: Submit your recipe(s) & photo on Make sure you tag your recipe “dumpling recipe” to enter it into the contest (see the image below).

    If you're not a member, register for an account on our site and then click "add a recipe". If you're already a member, login first, then just click add a recipe.

  • How to Win: Promote your recipe! The top 5 recipes with the highest “star” rating as of 5/15/11 will win. We'll even help you in this regard -- if you're Tweeting it, or sharing it on FB, direct message us on Twitter and we'll also RT it & post it to our Facebook page to help you get promoting!
  • Prize: The top FIVE-rated recipes will walk away with an equally top-rated bamboo steamer!  bamboo steamer

    A little about the steamer: the Joyce Chen 10" bamboo steamer is a top-rated bamboo steamer recommended in The New Cook's Catalogue.

  • Dates: 4/15/11 - 5/14/11. Full rules here.
  • How to Tag Your Recipe: In the field "Recipe Tags" add the phrase "dumpling recipe". Good work!




Your rating: None Average: 4.4 (5 votes)