Posted 11-01-10 Oyster Mushroom Pancake (Nutari Busuht Buchim)
느타리버섯 부침
I use a variety of vegetables, egg and mushrooms to create this pancake-like dish.
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Posted 09-13-10 Hobak Buchim (Fried Zucchini)
호박 부침 / 애호박 부침
A simple buchim (fried dish) of fresh zucchini. Tasty with or without a bit of soy sauce.
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Posted 05-13-10 Gul Jeon (Fried Oysters)
This is an easy preparation of oysters, Korean style, that showcases the rich flavor of oysters.
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Posted 04-19-10 Dubu Buchim (Fried Tofu)
Dubu Buchim is one type of Korean side dish that involves tofu and a soy-sauce based seasoning.
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Posted 04-12-10 Wanja Jeon (Korean Beef Patties)
완자전 / 동그랑땡
Korean mini fried patties are a nice hors d'oeuvres, appetizer or side dish for a meal.
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