Posted 10-30-10 Chicken in Savory Hot Pepper Sauce
The smell of this dish permeates the house. It is a wonderful dish to come home to, warm and filling and spicy and savory. The hungrier you are when you start, the happier you will be when you finish!
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Posted 10-22-10 Chicken and Cream Cheese Nori Roll
Baked chicken roll with Nori, inside cream cheese and serve with soy sauce and mayonnaise sauce. I am sorry about not good looking photo because they were taken with cell phone. But taste is really good.
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Posted 10-19-10 Wasabi & Ginger Marinated Chicken Strips
Wasabi Marinated Chicken Strips
This chicken has a wonderful authentic, pleasant taste. I hope you will love it.
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Posted 10-09-10 Curry Chicken Soup
Easy, quick and delicious.
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Posted 09-08-10 Curry Puff
Curry puffs are small, hand-held pies stuffed with ground chicken, potato, carrot and curry powder.
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Posted 08-31-10 Thai Gold Bags with Chicken
ถุงทอง Toong Tong
Crispy fried gold bags filled with chicken and vegetables, served with a sweet chili plum sauce.
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