Posted 07-10-12 Korean Dak Juk 닭죽 (Chicken Porridge)
Korean Dak Juk 닭죽 (Chicken Porridge)
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Posted 02-19-12 Thai Rice Soup With Shrimp
ข้าวด้มกุ้ง Khao Tom Goong
Creamy, slightly salty, and thick like porridge, khao tom goong (Thai rice soup with shrimp) is a popular Thai breakfast. Rice soup is comfort food with a capital 'C.'
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Posted 06-29-10 Plain Congee Recipe - Thai Jok
Versatile rice porridge that is eaten in many Asian countries.
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Posted 06-25-10 Hwin Juk (Rice Porridge)
When your stomach feels queasy, and can't eat much food, try this rice porridge. It can sooth your stomach and quench the hunger too and simple to make.
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