Posted 06-04-10 Kombu Katsuobushi Dashi (Kelp & Fish Flake Stock)
こんぶ かつおぶし だし / 昆布 鰹節 出汁
This dashi is used for clear soups and nimono, or simmered dishes.
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Posted 06-04-10 Shiitake Dashi (Mushroom & Kelp Stock)
しいたけ だし / 椎茸 出汁
This variation of kombu dashi (or konbu dashi) is more savory and stronger tasting.
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Posted 06-04-10 Kombu Dashi (Kelp Stock)
こんぶ だし / 昆布 出汁
Kombu dashi (or konbu dashi) is a simple, but important stock used widely in cooking Japanese soups.
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