Posted 09-14-11 Galchi Jorim (Belt Fish & Radish Casserole)
A casserole made from "galchi" is a type of fish used in Korean cuisine -- called "belt fish" or "hairtail" in English.
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Posted 09-27-10 Yongeun Jorim (Seasoned Lotus Root)
연근 조림
Crisp lotus roots are sauteed lightly with soy sauce make a delightful sweet and savory side dish.
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Posted 05-12-10 Godeunguh Jorim (Mackerel Casserole)
A savory casserole of vegetables and mackerel.
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Posted 05-11-10 Ueong Jorim (Seasoned Burdock Root)
A uniquely textured side dish made out of ueong, or seasoned burdock root.
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Posted 05-04-10 Jang Jorim (Beef Simmered in Soy Sauce)
This simmered beef side dish is slightly sweet and savory, and a nice side dish to have on hand.
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Posted 04-13-10 Gamja Jorim (Soy Sauce Potato Dish)
Gamja jorim is a sweet, savory and just slightly spicy potato side dish.
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Posted 03-31-10 Dubu Jorim (Fried Tofu With Sauce)
Savory and slightly sweet Korean fried tofu, with a light glaze. Great as a side or as a main dish.
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