Posted 04-13-10 Baechu Kimchi (Korean Kimchi)
배추 김치
Baechu kimchi is the classic Korean kimchi made from Napa cabbage.
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Posted 04-15-12 Kimchi/Kimchee/Gimchi (Korean Fermented Spicy Cabbage)
Kimchi/Kimchee/Gimchi (Fermented Spicy Cabbage)
Kimchi/Kimchee/Gimchi (Fermented Spicy Cabbage)
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Posted 04-15-12 Baek Kimchi (Korean White Non-Spicy Kimchi)
Baek Kimchi (Korean White Non-Spicy Kimchi)
Baek Kimchi (White Non-Spicy Kimchi), Korean, Kimchi, White kimchi
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Posted 10-18-10 Kimchi Dukkboki
김치 떡볶이
A variation of the classic spicy rice cake dish, dukbokki.
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Posted 09-20-10 Yangbaechu Kimchi (Cabbage Kimchi)
양 배추 김치
This style of kimchi uses Western cabbages, is easy to make and best enjoyed fresh or lightly fermented.
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Posted 09-13-10 Kkaennip Kimchi (Perilla Leaves Kimchi)
깻잎 김치
In this dish, I use flavorful perilla leaves and prepare them in a spicy kimchi style.
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Posted 05-05-10 Buchu Kimchi (Spicy Chive Kimchi)
A quick and easy chive kimchi.
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Posted 05-05-10 Baechu Gutjuri (Instant Kimchi)
배추 겉절이
This is a quick and easy version of kimchi that requires no fermenting.
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Posted 05-05-10 Baek Kimchi (White Cabbage Kimchi)
Baek kimchi means "white" kimchi and is a North Korean style of kimchi. It's not really spicy at all but is still made of baechu, or Napa cabbage. When you want something more delicate tasting, try this kimchi recipe out.
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Posted 05-05-10 Dongchimi Kimchi (White Radish Water Kimchi)
동치미 김치
A refreshing, mildly spicy water-based kimchi that is made out of white radish.
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Posted 04-14-10 Pa Kimchi (Green Onion Kimchi)
A quick and easy kimchi made using green onions, or scallions.
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Posted 04-13-10 Yeolmu Kimchi (Young Summer Radish Kimchi)
This type of kimchi is typically made in the summer because it uses a type of radish green that is available then.
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