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Posted 08-06-10 Sticky Rice
ข้าวเหนียว - Khao Niao
Simple, easy steps to make sticky rice.
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Posted 08-06-10 Oi Naengguk (Cold Cucumber Soup)
오이 냉국
This cold cucumber soup is easy to make and great for summertime. It's prepared simply with fresh cucumbers and a soy sauce-based broth that is slightly sour and slightly sweet.
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Posted 07-19-10 Peanut Sauce
Versatile peanut sauce that goes well with noodles or as a dipping sauce for satay.
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Posted 06-18-10 Deul Kkaennip Muchim (Seasoned Perilla Leaves)
깻잎 / 들깻잎
A seasonal healthy side dish of perilla leaves that goes well with rice and other meat dishes.
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Posted 06-16-10 Moo Malengi (Dried Radish Side Dish)
Use dried radish to create a spicy side dish with a wonderful chewy texture.
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Posted 06-07-10 Kinpira Gobo (Seasoned Burdock Root)
きんぴら ごぼう / 金平 牛蒡
A delightful and commonly found dish made of sauteed burdock root.
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Posted 05-13-10 Oi Jjangachi (Korean Style Pickles)
Unique-tasting Korean pickles made out of cucumbers.
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Posted 05-11-10 Jat Juk (Pine Nut Porridge)
A healthy and simple porridge of pine nuts.
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Posted 05-05-10 Dongchimi Kimchi (White Radish Water Kimchi)
동치미 김치
A refreshing, mildly spicy water-based kimchi that is made out of white radish.
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Posted 05-04-10 Miyeok Muchim (Seasoned Fresh Seaweed)
This simple side dish uses fresh seaweed with a light dressing.
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Posted 05-03-10 Chapssal Dduk (Baked Sweet Rice Cake with Red Bean)
This is a variation of Korean rice cake called dduk (tteok) using red beans and baked in the oven.
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Posted 05-03-10 Bibimbap Gochujang (Spicy Sauce for Mixed Rice)
비빔밥 고추장
Sauce for bibimbap.
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