Posted 02-29-12 Miso Curry Soup Udon
Japanese people like curry, miso taste and noodle (udon) mixture.
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Posted 02-23-12 Milk Miso Soup
Add milk to miso soup which makes milder and creamy taste. Potatoes, bacon, onion and spinach milk miso soup. Comfort and Good for you dish. Spinkle black pepper if you like (enhances the taste)
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Posted 07-18-11 Miso Yaki Salmon
Learn how to make Miso Yaki Salmon
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Posted 04-21-11 Miso Soup
An easy recipe for this Japanese soup staple.
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Posted 04-21-11 Miso Kale Chips
Pair kale with miso for a salty, earthy, crunchy snack.
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Posted 11-05-10 Eggplant Two Ways
Marugoto Nasu
In this recipe, a single eggplant is peeled and then prepared two completely different ways: a mound each of spicy, firm, strips of dark peel and tart, salty, sweet chunks of pale flesh. The contrast makes a refreshing appetizer.
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Posted 10-24-10 Salmon Miso Cheese
Simply baked salmon with miso and cream cheese sauce.
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Posted 10-24-10 Zucchini and Green pepper Stir-fry with Miso
This dish tastes like mom used to make. She used Eggplants, but Zucchinis are good, too.
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Posted 10-22-10 Butajiru (Pork Miso Soup)
This is the one of Japanese traditional food. Great nuturitious food which gives you lots of energy and also warms you up!
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