Posted 09-14-10 Moo Namul (Seasoned Radish)
무 나물
A very easy preparation of Korean white radish, or moo, which you can eat as a side dish. Healthy and mild tasting.
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Posted 04-20-10 Doraji Namul (Seasoned Bellflower Roots)
The texture of the doraji roots makes this a unique side dish, although it is simply seasoned.
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Posted 04-19-10 Hobak Namul (Korean Squash Salad)
A super easy and quick way to prepare hobak, or Korean squash.
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Posted 04-19-10 Gaji Namul (Korean Eggplant Banchan)
Korean-style spicy eggplant makes a nice side dish.
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Posted 04-19-10 Gosari Namul (Fernbrake Side Dish)
This is a unique Korean side dish made from fernbrake that is often a component of bibimbap.
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Posted 04-19-10 Muchae Namul (Thinly Sliced Radish)
무채 나물 / 무생채 나물
The simple radish dish doubles as a banchan or a fresh salad.
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Posted 04-06-10 Sigumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach)
Healthy and simple side dish that's easy to prepare.
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