stir fry recipes

Posted 08-29-12 Chinese Chives with Dried Tofu
Dried tofu lends a deep flavor to this uber simple vegetarian stir-fry.
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Posted 02-20-12 Stir Fried Cucumbers with Dried Shrimp
If you've never cooked cucumbers before, you are missing out. Pair cucumbers with dried shrimp and you have this wonderful side dish.
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Posted 01-25-12 Chicken & Vegetable Stir-fry with Peanut Sauce
We love Asian cuisine, but with 4 kids and a busy schedule it's not always easy or affordable to eat out. I created this inexpensive, quick & easy recipe to recreate the flavors that we all love to enjoy at home.
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Posted 11-19-11 Chicken Mango Stir Fry
Stir Fried Chicken Mango showcases the beauty of Thai cooking: slightly sweet, slightly sour and slightly spicy. It's a great weeknight meal that will impress your family.
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Posted 04-07-11 Green Beans and Ground Pork
It's hard to go wrong with this classic spicy Szechuan stir fry, great for a simple dinner or part of a larger meal.
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