thai egg recipe

Posted 12-10-11 Son-in-Law Eggs
Son In Law Eggs (khai luuk kheuy) is a Thai salad made from deep-fried hard boiled eggs topped with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
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Posted 09-07-11 Thai Scallion Tomato Omelette
A simple and satisfying omelet that shows how versatile eggs can be. Try our delicious Thai Scallion Tomato Omelette today.
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Posted 08-30-11 Poached Eggs with Tamarind Sauce
Wake up your boring poached eggs with Thai tamarind sauce.
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Posted 08-16-11 Thai Fried Egg Salad
ยำไข่ดาว Yum Khai Dao
Quick weeknight meal of Thai Fried Egg Salad that uses fried eggs in a light Thai salad dressing.
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Posted 07-29-11 Thai Omelette with Red Pepper Flakes and Soy Sauce
ไขเจยว ซีอิ๊ว Khai Jiao Saa Eeew
Thai-style omelet with soy sauce and red pepper flakes is a simple quick weeknight meal.
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Posted 06-30-11 Thai Egg Salad
Learn how to make Thai egg salad that hits all the right notes with classic Thai flavors.
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Posted 08-16-10 Thai Egg Custard - Kai Toon (Dtun)
Easy and versatile Thai steamed eggs.
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