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Date: 6-16-14
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General Online Cash Game Strategy Tips

T he cash game tips in this online poker cash game strategy section are primarily meant to improve your online cash game play but are also valuable for live cash game poker play. First of all, we will cover the question why you should always play the no limit variant when playing holdem poker, after that we will move on to more specific cash game tips and cover specialized cash game strategy suitable for both beginners and advanced (online) poker players.

2.3.1 No Limit, Limit or Pot Limit? No Limit!

Maybe you are a limit player, or maybe you play both limit and no-limit. The Dominate Online Poker E-Book and Website have been primarily designed for no-limit holdem (although limit and pot-limit players surely can profit from the great promotions and from the tools here as well). Now, you might ask, why should I play no-limit most of the time instead of limit? Well, first of all no-limit, they say is the Cadillac of Poker, but that’s just a saying.

The genuine reason to play no-limit holdem is that in no-limit a fish (bad player) must pay a significant larger amount of money for their mistakes than when they play limit holdem. THATS the reason! If you have read Sklansky’s ‘theory of poker ’ you have, of course, come across his fundamental theorem of poker which is stated, in short, as following:

‘Every time a player plays differently than he would play if his opponents hole cards lay open then he makes a mistake and loses; on the contrary, every time a player plays the same way as he would play if his opponents hole cards lay open, he would make no mistake and he’d gain.’

This saying is the ground rule for all poker games as it touches the fundamental borderline between good players and bad players: a player who is good at reading another player (and his cards) will make less mistakes than a player who is bad at reading another player (and his cards).

Now suppose a bad player, who makes a lot of mistakes, plays the game of limit holdem: he would surely lose in the long run, but because there is a betting limit in this game, he won’t have to pay as much for his mistakes as he would have to in no-limit holdem, where there is no limit (hence the name) in betting. If you have trips and your bad opponent has top pair (thinking he is winning), in, for instance, 1/2 limit you can only bet 2 (pre-flop and on the flop ) or 4 (post-flop) and raise and re-raise by 2 and 4 (pre-flop and on the flop) or 4 (post-flop). In no-limit you could (re)raise the fish all-in with your maximum buy-in of 200 dollars…

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