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Date: 6-16-14
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Introduction to Online Gambling

Online gambling is perhaps one of the most interesting topics to discuss in a modern context because they are completely fluid and dynamic, changing on a regular basis to suit the needs and whims of their customers often before the customers even realize they have them. Gaming on the internet is going to be around for a very long time and for that reason many gambling institutions have become big parts of the internet, spanning out and purchasing other online businesses as well. To truly understand internet gaming however, you need to understand the basics of it and then delve deeper to examine each area it touches.

The Concept of Online Gambling

The concept of online casino gaming is a very simple concept. People enjoy gambling a great deal. They gamble in an organized fashion through betting on sports or playing at a casino and they gamble in an informal fashion through making bets and pools with their friends, relatives and co-workers. There is no doubt that gaming in its most general form is a big part of the lives of many people. Online gambling as a concept is one that takes this great love of many people and transforms it into something that is very convenient for them to do. Many people do not live close to casinos and often live in areas where placing sports bets is a speculatively legal activity at best and therefore costs them a lot of money if they actually want to go through with it. For this reason, gaming on the internet has allowed many people the chance to experience the same thrill of gambling in an online arena that can be as close as the comfort of their bedroom depending on where they keep their computer.

The Origins of Online Gambling

While not a whole lot is known about the origins of online casino gaming, it can definitely be said that it predates 2000 contrary to popular belief of many people that are now involved in it. It might even predate 1990 in its purest form, since people before that were likely using intranet networks to send messages back and forth and some of those messages were likely informal gambling pools to predict things like the World Cup of Soccer. However, online gambling in the form it currently exists in (i.e. online casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms and sportsbook institutions) can not go back to much earlier than 1995. In fact, if you take a look at some of the oldest online casinos around, you will find that most of them date back to an area of time in the 1995 to 1998 range and this is also true for the oldest poker sites as well.

While online casino gambling may have existed in one form or another before 2000, it certainly was not a very popular endeavor. The internet was in its infancy, the security notorious and therefore not many people were willing to trust online gambling institutions with their money. However as happens so often in the market the catalyst of the 2003 World Series of Poker being won by a total amateur catapulted millions into online poker and those people then filtered out into sports betting, internet casinos and of course bingo gaming as well.

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