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Author: caseypullmanzgv
Date: 6-16-14
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- Powder Game 2 ver7.9 -

1. Select a pen tool from the menu under the game screen.

2. A tool selected with the right click will be controlled

with right side of the mouse and vice versa.

3. Click the screen with a tool in order to add dots or send wind.

4. Be creative. It's up to you!

[POWDER]??. Standard powder.

[WATER]???: Water splash.

[FIRE]???. Fire spark.

[SEED]???. Cast seeds to grow trees.

[STONE]???: It's heavy but breakable.

[LAVA]???. It burns everything.

[VIRUS]???: Transforms dots.

[NITRO]???: Nitroglycerin. High-sensitivity explosive.

[ANT]????: When they touch solids, they create a mysterious path!

[TORCH]???: Burn everything but weak in water. And burn the trees?

[GAS]????: Flammable gas.

[SOAPY]???: Soapy water makes bubbles!

[THUNDER]??: Thunder.

[METAL]???: Metal conducts electricity.

[BOMB]???. Bomb explodes when it touches powder.

[LASER]???: Laser goes straight. It reflects against the polished metal.

[ACID]???. Acid melts various things.

[VINE]???. Growth around the powder.

[SALT]???. Salt becomes sea water when melted.

[GLASS]???: Transparent dots.

[BIRD]???. Birds fly with a flock.

[FISH]???. fish swim with a group.

[MERCURY]??: Mercury. Heavy liquid metal.

[SPARK]???: Calm fire spark.

[FUSE]???. It gradually burns.

[CLOUD]???: Rain cloud, snow cloud, and thunder cloud.

scale - Expansion and contraction

none?- Draw only

blind - Calculation only

[BLOCK]???: It blocks wind or dots.

[ERASE]???: Delete blocks or objects.

[CLEAR]???: Delete erasers, dots or wind.

[BH]????. Black Hole, Gravity is generated.

[WH]????. White Hole, Repulsive force is generated.

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