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Date: 6-16-14
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Cannith Crafting


[edit ] Cannith Crafting overview

Introduced in Update 9. this crafting system allows players to construct completely customized weapons, shields, armor, jewelry, and clothing. This system was introduced in a state of live beta and had been changed throughout Updates 9 and 10 (source ). The beta tag was removed with Update 11. There are currently two Crafting Halls: one in House Kundarak. near the exit to the Marketplace ; and one in House Cannith. near the Cannith Challenges crafters and across the plaza from the Auctioneer and Stormreach Teleporter.

[edit ] General crafting process

The general crafting process consists of three steps:

Step 1: Item Deconstruction

Items with magical properties can be deconstructed into essences. or stripped of magical properties to create a blank item. Essences and blank items are not bound and can be freely traded. However, blank items created from items which are Bound to Account remain bound to account.

Note: The deconstruction of any item lowers its durability and hardness to the base (unenchanted) level for that item. If it has damage it may lower the durability to the point where the item is damaged beyond repair. However, the durability and hardness will increase again as magical properties are added. This does not fix existing damage. Note: Haggle skill affects how much money is earned when deconstructing items for their essences. Raising haggle by 15 resulted in 14% more money earned. The exact returns might differ with different base haggle skill.

Step 2: Shard Creation

Magical effect shards can be crafted from essences. Each shard represents one weapon. clothing or armor enhancement. Players may choose between Bound to Account and unbound versions of the same shard. Unbound shards have triple the cost and approximately double the level requirement of bound shards. See Shard Details for a list of all possible shards.

Step 3: Combining Shard and Blank item

Blank items are combined with shards to create the final item. Unbound blank items combined with bound shards become Bound to Character On Acquire; unbound blanks combined with unbound shards become Bound to Character On Equip (so the crafted item can still be sold/traded before being equipped).

Bound to Account blank items' bind status remain the same if combined with bound or unbound shards. See BtA base items to find out where to get these kind of items

All three steps require crafting devices and the deconstruction of items additionally requires vendor-purchased reagents. Players may visit either Crafting Hall to find crafting devices and reagent vendors, as well as a banker, an auctioneer, and a mailbox.

There are 3 schools of crafting (Arcane/Divine/Elemental). The crafting of shards requires an appropriate crafting level in the school, depending on the type of shard. The crafting level can be increased by gaining crafting XP. awarded for creating (lower level) shards.

[edit ] What you can and cannot do with Cannith Crafting

"Okay I've got a +1 Paralyzing Kama, but I don't have monk, so I'm going to deconstruct it and transfer the Paralyzing effect to my Khopesh." "Darn, +3 Acid Silver Longsword of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane! It's so close! I'm going to take this and swap Acid for Holy." The system doesn't work like this.

Look at it this way: Crafting Essences are like another kind of currency. You take your unwanted loot (which otherwise could be sold to vendors) to the Crafting Hall and disjoin them for Essences. Then, you need to spend your Essences to level up in your 3 crafting schools by creating random Shards. This is like purchasing crafting XP or manually applying XP to your character.

Then, say you want to add Holy prefix to your blank weapon, the bound Holy shard recipe requires level 37 in the Divine school. Once you reach level 27 in that school (10 below the level of the recipe), you can use your ingredients to create the shard with 50% failure chance. Your chance for success increases 5% per level in the relevant school, and at level 37 you succeed 100% of time. You also gain a 5% success bonus for each individual shard recipe each time you successfully create that shard.

Please note: Once an item's Enhancement level reaches its potential level, no additional enhancements can be added without raising the potential. (e.g. If you have an item with potential of +5, adding something like the Force Critical Ritual would make its enhancement +6. The Enhancement is greater than the potential, thus the item is no longer able to be crafted. To continue crafting on this item requires the application of shards that raise its potential (see Shards of Potential ).

[edit ] Level progression

Check your crafting levels on your character sheet

Crafting level is supposed to be capped at 200 in Update 14. XP requirement to advance in crafting goes steeper at higher levels.

See Level Progression for full details on experience and leveling with the crafting system

Tip - At certain crafting levels (every 5 levels starting at your crafting level of 20, up to your crafting level of 40, and then every 10 levels from 50 to 90, for each crafting school), you can gain some cheap XP by making Shards of Potential with Crude Vials (sold by Sorvile Smythe, the Free Agent Vendor in the Harbor - requires 75 favor). This will take thousands of crude vials just to go from 20 to 45 as the recipes start out requiring 25 but end up needing 275 at the high end, so control-click on them to buy in lots up 2500 each. So anytime you hit a crafting level that is a multiple of 5 or 10 from 20 to 45, check to see if a Shard of Potential recipe is listed at a 50% success chance, then make them with Crude Vials until they give 0 XP. Once you hit level 50, you can start making unbound versions, every ten crafting levels from 50 to 140, the same way and they will give XP longer.

[edit ] Crafting components

[edit ] Craftable Item (Dust of Disjunction)

Strips all magical effects and qualities off a randomly generated item, and keys it for further crafting. Stone of Change buffs for weapons and armor are removed, but the base bound and attuned state remains. Item material, such as silver or adamantine, as well as guild augment sockets are not removed by this dust ( NOTE: Metalline is an enchantment, not a material ). The Masterful Craftmanship and Wondrous Craftsmanship special ability will be removed. The Cursed special ability (as in Curse of Clumsiness, for example) will be removed in functionality (both the penalty and the reduction in minimum level), but not in name; that is, deconstruction will yield a non-cursed normal craftable object with a cursed name. Non-named randomly generated Bound to Account items will retain their Bound to Account status. No xp or essences are gained when Dust of Disjunction is used.

Some character level requirements seem to not be removed on combined crafted, guild augment, and attuned items when disjoined. The process can be 'reset' by placing the item in the bank and removing it if the crafting item was attuned at level one, or crafting an appropriate level enhancement onto the recently stripped down item if it was attuned with previously existing level requirements.

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