A substitute for Kaffir Lime leaf?

Author: wickidgrrl
Date: 3-15-12
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I am looking for a substitute for kaffir lime leaf as it is not always easily available to me. I think I will buy a tree soon, but in the meantime,what are some subs that willwork? Thanks!

Thai Food Essentials wrote 3 yearss ago

Hello.First, a clarification: what I am about to suggest is a product we sell. Nevertheless, I think my answer is relevant here. It's a bit awkward to register into a forum just in order to recommend our product as an answer to a question here, but this exact question has led us to our first experiments (steam distillation of Kaffir Lime leave oil), so I hope this doesn't come out as sales talk. Our site, ThaiFoosEssentials.com, offers Kaffir Lime leaf essential oil for cooking purposes. The oil is made especially for people who can't get fresh or frozen leaves, and are looking for a better solution than dried leaves. The site offers recipes (tried and tested by us and our customers) as well as tips for those who want to adapt other recipes for use with kaffir lime oil. Regards, Narin

LuccaQ wrote 3 yearss ago

I use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of lime zest per leaf. 

tum wrote 3 yearss ago

Did you know that kaffir lime leaves come in a dried form?  Kaffir lime leaves are also found in the frozen section of some asian grocery stores.I use a combination of lemon grass and lime zest to subsitute for kaffir lime leaves. Hope this helps.