About Us

AsianSupper was started by two friends (with loads of support from their families) who felt there was a lack of truly authentic and modern Asian recipes for English speakers, despite the growing popularity of Asian food.

Whenever we looked for Asian recipes, we'd end up being slightly disappointed -- either because the recipe we were looking for was hard to find or not available at all, or because the recipe frankly didn't taste very good (of course, that could entirely have been our fault). 

So we set out to create a home for tasty, authentic recipes, whether traditional or modern. After tons of work collecting recipes from our friends and family, we're proud to launch AsianSupper.

We need your help in finding and sharing even more authentic Asian recipes. So we invite you to share your own recipes, whether it's Grandma's secret soup broth or a fresh and updated take on classics. And don't forget to share your stories about travel, learn more about Asian food customs, and connect with other Asian food lovers!

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We hope to roll out other Asian cuisine sites as well. To contact us for advertising or other reasons, please feel free to reach out via email, Twitter or on Facebook.