Gochujang Bokkeum (Seasoned Hot Pepper Paste)


Gochujang Bokkeum (Seasoned Hot Pepper Paste)
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Author: umma
Date: 5-13-10
Servings: 5-6
Prep Time: 15 minutes
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What exactly does one do with this seasoned hot pepper paste (gochujang)? Since Koreans like spicy foods, this can be used for a number of different things, as a little side dish to mix with rice, or as part of a boxed lunch set (doshirak 도시락).

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 7 oz beef (less than 7% fat), minced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1½ tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 cup hot pepper paste (gochujang 고추장)
  • 4 tbsp corn syrup (mulyeot 물엿)
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp roasted sesame seeds

Recipe Steps:

  • Heat a sauce pan with olive oil, and brown beef, stirring constantly.
  • Add garlic, sugar, soy sauce, gochujang, and cook for 5-10 min stirring. As a last step add corn syrup, sesame oil, and roasted sesame seeds and cook 2-3 min longer.
  • You can use this as quick bibimbap sauce or eat alone with some rice.

Serving Size: 5-6
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

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