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3 Wine Questions: How do you know if wine has gone bad?

Learn more about wine basics and increase your wine knowledge from our expert wine blogger, at SpinTheBottleNY.  She answers our readers questions about wine this month.


1) How do you know if wine has gone bad in the fridge?

Wine "goes bad" when you don't like the way it tastes! For some wines that will be after a day... some wines can go as long as a week.  If wine smells vinegary or mildew, it’s definitely gone bad. If wine (red or white) looks brown, it’s gone rancid.



2) When I was in Asia, there were a lot of people who put ice in their wine.  Is that taboo in the wine community?

Yes, that is normally considered taboo in the wine community. But hey, whatever works!

3) For my birthday, my boyfriend and I had drinks at the Plaza in NYC.  He had the Bordeaux-blend in the hotel bar.  What is a Bordeaux blend?

A Bordeaux blend is a wine that includes a blend of the grapes you find in red Bordeaux wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere (although the last two are much more unusual.)


Have more wine questions?  Post your question in the comments section below and it may be answered in an upcoming wine q&a.

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