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Asian Snack Attack

Asian Snack Attack: 100% Natural Ginger Candy

Asian Snack Attack is our ongoing series where we weed out the good from the bad in the wild and wooly world of newfangled Asian snacks.

Asian Snack: 100% Natural Ginger Candy

Manufacturer: Prince of Peace International, Inc. 

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Pre-Consumption Expectations: Excited. I love ginger and I like chewy things, too. 

Texture: Perfectly chewy/tenacious. Dusted in a powder so it's not too sticky nor moist. 

Taste: Smells and tastes like real ginger. I tried sucking on them, then eventually chewing, as well as the alternate method for you impatient types: chewing straightaway. Both work but you must be careful with the sucking method as these suckers can get pretty spicy.  Now, for the health benefits:  ginger supposedly helps with nausea. And the fact that you're chewing on something might help those of us who get motion sickness -- gives you something to be distracted by. I always make ginger tea when I'm feeling a little down, I feel healthy somehow when eating these. 

Quotes from the Snack Panel: "Good breath freshener." 

Stars: 5 out of 5. EAT IT! 

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